I was quite sceptical about palmistry, astrology and homeopathy. I have lost that sceptism with regard to palmistry. It is simply impossible to know the personal and specific information that Esther is providing you with beforehand. I am sure she gets it from your hands. And you can use her feedback instantly.
Esther has given me a reading multiple times. She is sensitive, experienced and respectful. A palmistry session is a personal and intimate ‘meeting’ and Esther reads in a very pleasant and subtle way! The insights she is giving will resonate for a long time. Much recommended!
First and foremost, a palmistry reading by Esther is an invitation to a valuable and personal conversation.

Exciting, to have prints made from your hands with ink. I always thought those lines stay the same during your life, but Esther taught me they change during ups and down in life. Esther told me things that I knew and did not know (yet). Insightful and a good opportunity to reflect upon your lifeline and other lines.
It was a special occasion to experience a palmistry reading myself. Esther has given me a clear explanation of the things she saw in my hands. This reading has answered questions and has given me confirmation on things that I could act upon. I am grateful to her for that.
My reading by Esther helped put some of my suspicions of the esoteric to rest. Esther as an historian applied her academic training and a healthy suspicion to her understanding of the esoteric on the assumption that we have to keep an open mind and try and understand ourselves and the world we live in better and from varying perspectives.
Esther is a devoted and warm person. It is interesting to discover that fractures in lines can be informative about my youth. And it was all correct! If you don’t understand things immediately, Esther will explain it in a different way and I found that reassuring.
I was happily surprised when things that Esther had mentioned during a reading actually materialized. During the reading, she told me I had a talent for entrepreneurship. Only five months later, I succesfully started my own business.
This spring I did a palmistry reading for the first time in my life. I knew Esther as a scholar and was surprised when she told me about her other passion: palmistry. Exactly this combination, the critical curiosity with which Esther is approaching palmistry, appeals to me.The reading in her nice house in Harmelen reflects Esther herself: reliable, insightful and warm.
I found it all very interesting! So crazy that all these things are etched in my hands! Many thanks for the reading and the prints.
I would very much like to let you know how your reading was helpful but also super insightful for me. I actually think about it often, and when I do certain things or find myself in a particular situation that seems familiar I am quickly reminded of the reading. Or, I find certain situations familiar because of the reading!
I really found it so interesting and so useful. It was familiar, and yet so useful to have you articulate it out loud for me to slowly but surely grasp. And then as I find myself in situations, I can relate what you said to them, making the reading ever the more clearer! I am not exaggerating that your business card is sitting directly on my desk as reminder!